June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend and Month of May Recap!

Hello! From what I've been reading, it seems as though everyone has had a fabulous weekend and I'm so glad! My weekend exceeded my expectations and was absolutely fantastic! It was filled with warm weather and cold beers, falling in love more every minute, good music, ice cream, grilling and everything that a summer should be filled with.

I spent Friday night in the city with two of my friends from college, Saturday tailgating at Bon Jovi all day and then seeing Bon Jovi Saturday night, Sunday down the shore for some jetskiing, boating and barbecuing at The Pilot's grandparents' house and Monday, barbecuing with my mom, my sister and her girls in our backyard. 

Here's some pics from the weekend!

Us tailgating in his truck (and so happy to finally be together!)



I won't do a huge re-cap because, well, it would take too long, but it was a great weekend!

For now, I'll put up my May recap! Check out how I'm doing with my 25 Before 25 by looking at April's recap. In the month of May, I:
  • Ran a half-marathon and signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon (the full one!) in November! I'm now well on my way to crossing off #1 on The List!
  • Started my Senior year scrapbook by completing 1 page (hey - it's something!). I have my scrapbook completed up until the middle of Sophomore year so now I'm working backward! (#2)
  • I'm still going strong with maintaining my blog here and hit 100 followers this month and am still going strong! (#7)
  • Registered for my first semester of grad school classes! (#8)
  • Finished watching Season 3 and watched all of Season 4 of The Office. (#13)
  • Watched six films off of the IMDB Top 100 list! (#15)
  • Made 5 recipes from two of my cookbooks! (#17)
So it has been a great month and I'm doing pretty awesome with my list!

Now on to running news: I was terrible last week! Of my 4 scheduled runs and 17.5 scheduled miles, I ran a whopping 3. YIKES! Considering I have another race in less than 4 weeks, that is no bueno! But, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, instead I'm just going to push myself even harder!

So this week's training plan is:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: R.A.D. Workout
Wednesday: 2-3 mile run OR 20-30 minutes non-impact cardio
Thursday: R.A.D. Workout
Friday: 2-3 mile run OR 20-30 minutes non-impact cardio
Saturday: 3 mile run
Sunday: 6-8 mile run

I absolutely have to be diligent about this from this point on because since my race, I've only run 9 miles. 9. In two weeks...not good news. I guess that's newbie runner mistake #1...planning races too close together! But hey - I'm going to train, and I'm going to be ready and I am going to ROCK Boston 13.1!

See you all soon!


  1. I'll be there with the 800+ Team Challenge athletes from across America! Hopefully we can take another pic together!!

  2. Looks like you had an incredible weekend! Bon Jovi is ALWAYS a good time!

  3. You and your boy are adorable! Love your shirt :-)

    Glad you had an awesome weekend!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!
    It looks like May kept you busy too :)

  5. Wow that's a huge bite out of the list! Awesome :)

    Where did you see Bon Jovi? I think one of my friends was at that same concert.

    Aaaand I definitely missed my Saturday long run and my Monday recovery run due to going to Jersey for the weekend. Oh well..it happens.

  6. You are truckin away at that list girl! very impressive!! You will have it knocked out in no time for sure!!

  7. The BF is cute! Very jealous of the boating :)
    Nice job on the list girly! You're running will return just fine!

  8. im so jealous you got to see bon jovi!

    congrats on knocking more off your list! so exciting!

    im glad you had a great weekend...good luck with your running and workouts this week :)

  9. #13 is a necessity. awesome!

  10. I just think you are doing such an amazing job with this list!! Wow!
    :) Looks like you had a fun weekend! The next one is almost here, already! Crazy!

  11. hey girl, there's another chance to be my feature runner today! check it out :]


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