May 10, 2010

Holy Moly - it's RACE WEEK!

That's right. My race is on Sunday. After two years of on-again, off-again training and never really taking this seriously, I am just a few short days away from stepping up to the starting line of a Half-Marathon and I couldn't be more excited. I'm not nervous anymore thanks to the lovely Lauren who will be running with me. (Disclaimer: That will probably change as I get closer to the week, so be forewarned that I may very well be a nervous wreck come the weekend!)

I've had a great time catching up on all of your posts over the weekend - especially about everyone's mamas! This weekend was amazing. I have been so blessed with incredible weekends the last few months which really make my terrible less-than-pleasant weeks at work easier to get through!

On Friday night, I sprinted out of work and hopped on the Bolt Bus to New York. After hours of traffic and spotty wireless, I finally made it to Penn Station where I hopped on a NJ Transit train and met my The Pilot at the train station. We went to his house, hung out with his sister (who was in town from Atlanta)  for about 10 minutes and then passed out!

Saturday morning, I woke up and went to my sister's house. The plan was to pick up the little one while my mom picked up the older one from dance class and then go back to my sister's house for their monthly 'Lunch with Grandma'  where I was to jump out and yell 'Surprise! Happy Mother's Day Mom!' Well, that didn't exactly work but I still totally surprised the heck out of my mom! I had even called her that morning and was like yea, I'm about to go for a run and then clean my apartment (hehe, I'm so sneaky!). So we had a lovely day together.

Sunday morning, I went for a run, caught up with mom for a bit and then headed to The Pilot's house to hang out with his sister and family for a bit before going back to my house for Mother's Day festivities and then hopping on the train to the bus back to Boston!

It was a great weekend and seriously, I have the best mom ever. It was so nice to surprise her and it's going to be so nice living in New York and being able to have lunch/coffee/tea/whatever! with her all the time! It was also a great way to de-stress before the race this weekend! While I was bad and neglected my 30 Day Shred on Saturday and Sunday, I still got in a 4 and 8 mile run and am feeling in good shape for this week!

That said, my training schedule for the week is:

Monday: Rest and Stretch + 30 Day Shred
Tuesday: 30 Day Shred (Begin Level 2)
Wednesday: 5 miles + 30 Day Shred
Thursday: 30 Day Shred
Friday: 5 miles + 30 Day Shred
Saturday: Rest and eat pasta!
Sunday: Heartbreak Hill Half-Marathon. 13.1 miles!

And I'll leave you with a picture of my wonderful, amazing mom taken at my college graduation almost 1 year ago today!

I'm off to the Red Sox game tonight because my friend won free tickets! Score!

And stay tuned this week for:
-The announcement of the cookbooks I have chosen to cook my way through before 25
-Two recipes from said cookbooks
-3 movie reviews from the IMDB Top 100 List!
-My race report!


  1. Have fun at the Red Sox game & gooood luckk in your racee!! I'll be routing for ya!!

  2. Congrats on the discipline it has taken you to train for the half-marathon! Very exciting. I can't wait to hear how the race goes.

  3. Good luck!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes! So excited for you!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad to hear you're excited for the big race! I'm running my first half May 23rd!

  5. woohoo! good luck at your race! i'm sure you'll do great. i'll be cheering you on from my couch with my hand in a bag of greasy potato chips!

  6. woohoo!!! have fun training this week, you'll be awesome on Sunday!

  7. Good luck Sunday! Hopefully you won't be like me and get sick 3 days before the big day. That's great you're doing 30 Day Shred with your running, when I was training I only ran! I have 30 Day Shred and do it once a week, but what I'm really into is Insanity. You should check it out, maybe after the race you'll want to try! xxSAS

  8. best of luck with your run this coming Sunday, Christy! :)

  9. Hey! I'm a new follower (and new blogger)! I love the idea for your blog!

    I'm also trying to get serious with running and not just on/off again. I've never done a real race - I'm doing my first 5K in June. I can't wait to read about how your half marathon goes!

  10. Oh Man! Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon!? Well, when you qualify for Boston you will not be caugth off guard by that hill! Is it really that bad?

    How are you liking the 30 Day Shred? 10 days in do you see any results?

    Good luck!


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