April 15, 2010

You never can tell with heffalumps.

Good morning friends!

So, I finished a third book on the list last night! And it was Winnie-the-Pooh! I had never actually read this, can you believe that?!

My Thoughts: What a GREAT read! I actually ran into an older woman on the T while reading it and she said, you know, I think everyone should re-read Winnie-the-Pooh every year just to bring them back to their youth! And she told me all about how her mother is in a nursing home and they read the stories to her whenever they go visit. How cute is that!? It was SO refreshing to read this in the midst of a crazy week at work and to just really hone in on something so simple and pure and fun! How could I give this book a bad review? It's about Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin! Rabbit and Eeyore, Piglet and the whole gang! And let's not forget about those pesky heffalumps! I mean, who doesn't love heffalumps? I actually have a heffalump stuffed animal that I bought myself for my 22nd birthday. Yes that's right, for my 22nd birthday, I bought myself a stuffed heffalump.

But how cute is this little fella! (Sorry about the lighting! I need a new camera stat!)


So anyway, I had a terrible day at work last night and had forgotten my swim suit but really needed a hardcore workout, so I switched my Friday workout to Wednesday and tried out The Fitnessista's RAD workout (short for Revolving Apparatus of Death...aka the treadmill!). Let me tell you, it was a great workout! I was so focused on paying attention to increasing my inclines and speed and concentrating and NOT falling off the treadmill at such steep inclines, that I forgot all about my bad day at work! I covered a little more than 4 miles in 45 minutes at varying speeds and inclines. I wish I had done this workout every day in preparation for my race! I feel like it would've made those hills so much easier to get through! But no worries, because my half-marathon is called the Heartbreak Hill Half-Marathon (ouch!). If any of you know about Boston, you'll know that Heartbreak Hill is where a lot of runners hit the wall during the marathon! But, with Fitnessista's RAD workout, I think I'll be in great shape! (By the way, she has an awesome blog, so go check it out!

Oh and for all you runners out there, I got an e-mail from Amazon.com this morning that the Garmin Forerunner 305 is 50% off! I so wish I had the extra cash to go buy this right now, but new sneakers need to come before fancy running gadgets! Let me know if you go get one!

Oh and in honor of Tax Day, if you bring a reusable coffee mug to Starbucks today, you get free coffee!

It's almost the weekend everyone! 


  1. i love winnie the pooh! i have a giant stuffed pooh that, sadly, sits in my closet...

    and im glad that your workout made your day better! that always works for me too :)

  2. My daughter's nickname is Woozle. We have Heffalump and Woozle beanie dolls in her room that the Disney Store carried years ago, but I've never seen this one. Looks like a baby Heffalump.

  3. That is actually a fantastic idea and one of my favorite books from childhood... Heading to amazon to buy the book now! (If only I could afford the new Garmin!) See you Sunday! :)

  4. i'm so glad you liked the workout! thanks for the shout out <3

  5. I have the Nike Shox with the ipod running thing in it.

    I put the ipod chip in the spot in the sole of my shoe and a little connector to my ipod and it tracks how far I run, my calories, tells me in my ear how much I have left to run etc.

    It is awesome and after I got my new shoes the chip was only 30 bucks!!!

  6. Soo I bought new Nike Shox with the ipod connection capability.

    Basically I bought Nike Shox with Nike Id for example here:


    Mine were only 80- you can find cheaper ones.

    Then you purchase http://store.nike.com/?country=US&lang_locale=en_US&l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-118523

    and you are all set to begin keeping track of all your runs!!

  7. I almost signed up for that half!

  8. totally got my free coffee this morning! I was telling everyone in the office! yay for Earth Day! Good job on your RAD workout, that sounds INTENSE! my half marathon last summer was completely flat, so you are my hero for going on a hill-of-death one!

  9. SO SO SO excited for you. I'm such a run junkie, and a firm believer in a good run being able to change your mood.
    I have the Garmin Forerunner and I love it... works great for tracking your outside stats.
    I did a 10km on Monday in 53:34.
    I had my right calf worked on today by my massage therapist... she is NOT impressed that I DON'T stretch. Ah well!
    Lace up and keep going!!!

  10. I love Winnie the Pooh series books - it's been a really long time since I red those to my kiddos. Thanks for the great memories!! Thanks, too, for the Boston well-wishes. I look forward to meeting you in Morgan's blog bunch hook-up! FUN FUN!!!

  11. An award! On my blog! Oh yea, I love your layout! I also like Winnie the Pooh...

  12. I love Heffalumps and stuffed animals are perfect for all ages :) xx

  13. Hey! I just came across your blog and love it! I am also a runner and look forward to reading more about your adventures!

  14. Hey...got to know you thru Novelist Barista. And oh my, you are damn interesting. Your 25 to-do's before turning 25 is something. I never thought that ways. People always make these lists and stuffs but they do it like the Bucket list. I always feel that bloggers are truly innovative and very different. You increased the count. I went thru your list..and couldnt help writing about some of them....some like financial independence and credit cards....are on my mind too if not on my list....and IMDB..well, am done with all 250. It will be pretty easy and certainly an awesome journey of 100. Then "INDIA"...do let me know when u r here...i can help things out for you..i am from INDIA....and i too have plans for photography but i guess..that won't work out pretty well for me. Lets c....and the best one..the last one...plzz do that if not the others.. :)
    Cheers !!!

  15. Hey Christy,

    I remembered you wanted some Newport tips. If you want I'd love to meet you and your friends in person and if so you can email me: hopechella@gmail.com If not, no worries =)

    There are a lot of fun shops and places to eat on Thames St. and great water views!!! It's a nice walk. I like Red Parrot, Buskers, Scales & Shells and The Brick Alley Pub...You could visit any of the mansions on Bellevue for a walking tour...The Elms is my favorite (probably because my students decorate trees there during Christmastime), Rough Point is neat (Doris Duke's old home) and Marble House has lots of mythology if you are into that...I haven't been to all of the mansions (only for school related things)...

    You MUST drive around ocean drive if you are bringing a car!

    Broadway (off of Thames) has great restaurants for better prices than Thames and just as good food & beverages (just minus views). There is Salvation (MY FAVE), Norey's and Pour Judgement. If you are there on Sunday night, there is fun live Irish music at Fastnet (a favorite date spot for the boy and I...reminds me of studying abroad in the UK)

    On Bellevue, The Casino Restaurant which is part of? the Tennis Hall of Fame is yummy too...

    If you're not into the "be merry" scene, I LOVE LOVE the coffee shop Empire on Broadway. It's artsy, has a great atmosphere and good caffeinated drinks ;)

    You can always do the Cliff Walk too or go to First Beach with a sweatshirt (-:

    Have fun!!!!!



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