April 27, 2010

Just what I needed!

This weekend was just what I needed! I've been so stressed with work and trying (but at the same time not trying) to think about moving back to New York and it has just been consuming me. But this weekend, I was able to completely unwind with The Pilot and the family. So, here's the picture-loaded recap!

The Pilot got to Boston just as I got out of work! We hadn't seen each other in a month and it was so good to have him in town! We went and grabbed dinner at UFood (yum!) and then headed to the Red Sox game because the Rangers were in town! And even though I'm a Mets fan who cheers for the Red Sox, I HAD to root for Texas because hey - that's where my roots lie! So, The Pilot and I rocked our Rangers hats that we bought when were home for Thanksgiving and went to watch the Rangers beat Boston! (I have to say though, it's much more fun when the home team wins!)

Me rockin' my Rangers hat at Fenway's famous red chair

6:00am - The alarm goes off and we and I got ready to head to the airport! Here's us waiting for the Silver Line from South Station!

Can you tell I was still half asleep?

We got to DFW around lunch time and my dad and youngest sister, Tiffany, picked us up at the airport. I was SO hungry that I told Dad we needed to pull over to the only fast food restaurant I ever eat at, Sonic! for my usual: a grilled cheese with tomatoes on Texas toast, tater tots and an ocean water! Yum! We got back to the house, hung around for a little while and relaxed and then headed off to the Rangers game!

The Ballpark at Arlington!

The fam and I at the Ball Park!

I woke up at 11am! I don't think I've slept in that late since last summer! It was wonderful! After a delicious breakfast, I headed out for a 3 mile run with my sister and the Pilot in tow! She ran the first 1.5 and he finished the run with me. It was our first time running together and it was so much fun! After the run, my brother (who will be 17 next month) took us shopping! And he drove! It was so scary (not him actually driving but him being able to drive)! I bought a bunch of cute new summer dresses that I can't wait to wear! 

Saturday night, we went downtown to a bar called 8.0 (one of my favs!) to meet up with all of my friends, including Lauren, and they had an amazing band and I was just dancing and having a ball!

The Pilot and I woke up early to get my dad's bike out so that he could ride alongside me on my 10 mile run! WOOHOO! I still can't believe I ran 10 miles! It was so great to have him riding alongside me to chat with when I felt like chatting, or just to know he was there when I didn't! I felt great after the run and jumped home to DEVOUR some fruit and pancakes before taking my brother and sister to Six Flags for the day! On the way to Six Flags, Mom called and told me I got a letter from NYU, so of course I made her open it and read it to me! And what did it say? I got a scholarship! That seriously made the weekend so much better just when I didn't think it could get any better!

The Pilot and I decided to get season passes so that we can use them at Great Adventure when I move back this summer! We had a blast! There were no lines and we even road the Titan 3 times!

Me, The Pilot, my brother and sister in the front two rows on the Titan!

Me and The Pilot in front of the Six Flags tower!

Me, my brother and sister with Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern!

When we got home, we ate dinner and then went "camping" in our RV. By camping, I mean, we sat in the RV with the AC on and watched movies all night! It was so much fun! We were going to take the RV to an RV park but ended up running out of time because our stay was so short, but we did go visit the RV park and guess who we saw there???


Dad giving me a Yogi Bear hug =)

The Pilot and I woke up, had a quick lunch, packed up and headed to the airport and parted ways (him back to NJ and me back to Boston)! It was a rough flight back and I'm still EXHAUSTED from my amazing weekend! 

Today was definitely a rough day at work and when I got home, (I skipped my Spanish class :/ ) I made a huge bowl of mac&cheese and sat in bed watching episodes of The Office, took a short nap and now am writing to all of you! And since I usually post these on Mondays, here's my training plan for the week!

Week 8
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest (There's no way I'm going to muster up the energy to work out today!)
Wednesday: 5 mile run
Thursday: 20-30 minutes non-impact cardio
Friday: 5 mile run
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: 12 mile run

The plan for Saturday is to start (and continue through May) replacing my cardio workouts with core strengthening since your core is such an integral part of running and maintaining balance. So, we'll see what I come up with! I might pick up the Exhale Core Fusion DVDs since I enjoyed their classes so much! 

Well, I think I've left you with enough for tonight! Until next time!


  1. Your weekend sounds like it WAS wonderful! I love that y'all camped in a parked RV. I would totally do that!

  2. It sounds (and looks!) like you had a great weekend. Congrats on the scholarship, that's awesome news :)

  3. Such a fun weekend! So jealous of warm weather and roller coasters. Congrats on your run!

  4. Awesome. Has been months since i had that type of a weekend. They are supposed to be stress busters but sadly they get wasted just like that. Nez...all the best to your plan...

  5. Im new to your blog but I must say awesome weekend! And great job on the scholarship!

  6. good job! I've been planning out my mariner's games this year: I think I'll be up there in July and August, watching the yankees (BOOOO) and the twins. we'll see if I make it to a few more, hopefully I can! gotta love baseball!

  7. It was soooo good to meet you in Boston, girl...you're so sweet and personable and such a pleasure to talk to you! Perfect weekend for you to hopefully de-stress, those are the best!! And congrats on that scholarship, that's awesome!!!

  8. sounds like a wonderful weekend! cute pictures! you should've come to houston to say 'hi!' to me! :)

  9. I love you! Im so glad you had a great time back home! and i feel so special that you have a pic of me and you up! once i figure out how to upload pics on this thing i will! I cannot wait to come visit you.
    And the day you had your dad ride along next to you on your run got me kind of emotional. I know he probably was after you left! I miss you already! Seriously this is the first time i have had a chance to write this thing this week!

  10. So proud of your ten miler! You're a rockstar and will KILL that half marathon. Still not sure if I'll be there, but, if I am, you can bet your a$$ I'll be screaming my head off for you.

    Congrats on NYU--awesome!!

    PS. When are you coming back to visit The Lone Star State??

  11. What a fun fun weekend! I love all of the pics :-) Very cute! Congrats on the scholarship too!

  12. I read your 25 before 25 list. Loved it!! Let me know when you plan to come to India! :)


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