April 10, 2010

Holy Smokes! The race is tomorrow?!

That's right! My first 10k (first race ever, actually!) is tomorrow! I am such a mixture of nervousness and excitement, I'm not quite sure how to deal!

Considering as late as last night, I did not think I was going to run, I think it's fair to be nervous! See, I was having a lot of pain in the top of my foot all week that finally diminished on Thursday. It started on Saturday and felt better on Monday, so I went for a 5 mile run on Tuesday but the pain came back on Wednesday after a 2-ish mile ride on the elliptical and a 2-ish mile walk home. But by Thursday, I felt fine. Well, Friday morning I went to see a physical therapist about a recurring problem in my hip and after just the evaluation, I was in SO much pain I ended up leaving work early and laying on my couch all day with ice and a lot of pain killers. I felt much better today (am a little sore now, but that's probably because I just stretched!) The PT said I would be ok for Sunday and my hip hasn't been bothering me for a few weeks (until yesterday), so I'm hoping I'll be ok!

My biggest fear is not finishing. Since I've never raced before, I'm not concerned about time, I'm just racing to get some experience in before I start bigger races and to get in the 6-ish miles I'm supposed to get in this week!

Well, my race clothes are laid out and I've got breakfast all planned for the morning! I've had a nice quiet night in after a full day of spring cleaning and now it's time for bed!

Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll let you all know how it goes!!!


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