30 Before 30

1. Travel to Cuba
2. Run a sub-4 marathon
3. Visit every Major League Baseball stadium (22/30)
4. Cook my way through a cookbook
5. Do a 30-day yoga challenge
6. Go horseback riding
7. Blog every day for a month 
8. Buy a designer outfit 
9. Go to the ballet 
10. Run another race abroad
11. Go on another layover with The Pilot
12. Take a cooking class with The Pilot
13. Attend a black tie charity gala
14. Order a wedding album
15. Put all of my photos from my past travels into an album or scrapbook
16. Start writing the novel I have brewing in my mind
17. Go back to one of my favorite cities with The Pilot
18. See Kenny Chesney in concert
19. Visit another continent.
20. Pay off my credit card debt
21. PR a race distance other than the marathon
22. Read a book in Spanish
23. Perfect French macarons
24. Go back to Paris with my mama
25. Make a lattice top pie.
26. Master these 30 recipes (i.e. know how to make them without looking at a recipe)
27. Go to one spot in DC and photograph it during all 4 seasons
28. Tour the White House
29. Take a painting class
30. Visit Carolann in Hawaii

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