February 26, 2011

NYRR Al Gordon Classic (4M)

What a great day for racing! This morning, I ran the NYRR Al Gordon Classic 4-miler in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so this will be a picture-empty post...sad face! This was my first qualifying race for guaranteed entry into the 2012 NYC Marathon through the 9+1 Guaranteed Entry Program.

Friday night, I stayed at my friend Erin's apartment since she lives super close to the park and we woke up this morning, got dressed and ran to the park. In hindsight, I probably should have taken this 2 mile trip to the starting line a little bit slower but it didn't hurt me too much. Erin wasn't registered for the race, so we separated at the starting line and I started off and planned to meet her later.

Prospect Park is not terribly big but this race was huge! 4,000 runners in a 4-miler? Crazy! Because of the high volume, we were corralled and getting through the first mile was brutal! The crowd didn't thin out until almost the 2nd mile! I also experienced the rudest encounter with another runner. I'm running the tangents and there's another girl next to me and about a step ahead of me. We weren't on top of each other but we were pretty close. All of a sudden, before I even knew what hit me (literally) I had the wind practically knocked out of me by a guys arm being thrust across my chest as he literally ran through me and this girl using his arms to force both of us out of his way and sprinted forward. I caught my breath and RAN after him and screamed ASSHOLE and then continued on in my own merry way. (Excuse my language, but this was a very merited insult, I think!)

Anyway, I clocked Mile 1 in 8:08 and hit the 2nd mile at 7:58 before hitting the hills of the park which weren't too bad the first time around and finishing in 34:23. Not too shabby!

I met Erin at the Finish and continued on for another 7 miles to get in my long run in for the day and hit the hills twice more...the last time was brutal! Erin and I finished our run and headed to brunch before she headed to work and I went off to study!

It was a great day for a race and a great day for a run and now I'm 8 races away from guaranteed entry into NYC 2012! (We'll see if I get through the lottery system for 2011 though first, right?)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

February 24, 2011

three things thursday

Holy moly! I can't believe I haven't posted since last week's Three Things Thursday! This week has just been overwhelming! Trying to catch up with things at school and work has been crazy after being away for 2 consecutive weekends, but I'm back and I'm *almost* all caught up with everything!

1. Weekend - This weekend was great! I love DC and hate that I don't live there sometimes. I got in on Friday night just in time to meet up with some friends for a birthday celebration for my friend Drew. Saturday morning was an early-ish start for a 10-ish mile run through the 40+ mph winds and monuments with Emily who I love and can't wait to see again in Boston! After spending Saturday shopping, I headed home for a quick nap and then to a Blacklight Party (!) with my friend Steph! It was fantastic. Sunday, I hitched a ride back with a friend who was heading North for a wedding and went to my mom's house for a family birthday dinner. Monday, I enjoyed my day off by spending it with my nieces and cupcakes! Successful weekend? I say yes!

Emily and I just at the end of our run. 

Apparently, black light outfits don't show up in pictures...my hot pink compression socks on the other hand were phenomenal in recovering my legs and glowing in the dark!
My 10-year-old niece digging into her cookies n' cream cupcake from Crumbs!

2. Garmin - As of this Sunday, I am now the proud owner of a Garmin 405 CX...who has never used her Garmin 405 CX. That's right! My mom bought me one for my birthday! Woohoo!! I have honestly been so busy this week that I haven't had time to start playing with it but that's what tonight is for and I can't wait to try it out for my race and my long run this weekend! Any tips for a first name Garmin owner? Do people really name them?

3. You Know You're a Runner When... - You start stressing about where you'll be running while out of the country when you don't even know specifically where in the country you're going to be living. That's right guys. I'll be in Sri Lanka for about 7 weeks and am already trying to figure out how/when/where/if I can run. I did learn that Sri Lanka has a marathon...unfortunately, it's in October and I will have left by then but seriously...in a country with average annual temperatures of 80 degrees, running is definitely going to be a challenge! Especially since I'll be training for a fall marathon by then!

2010 Colombo Marathon, Colombo, Sri Lanka

That's that! I've got a busy day ahead that involves working, a meeting, class, a 6 mile tempo run,  finishing up the last of my school work for this evening's class and packing for this weekend's race!

Happy Thursday everyone!

February 15, 2011

Birthday Guest Blog!

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Hello, everyone! 

I'm Julie, author of Brown Eyed Belle, paying you a visit to wish Christy a happy happy birthday today and invite you to join me in a virtual bloggy birthday party just for her! After all, this sweet lady deserves the most special day any girl could ask for!


As I was brainstorming and searching for inspiration for this special birthday celebration, my mind kept going back to the giggles and fun of childhood parties- the dressing up, the cake, the presents, the laughter, the splendor of having one day be all about you! I wanted to bring that excitement over here today for Miss Christy- with a few grown-up touches thrown in here and there!

Welcome to the party, loves!


 (Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Thank you all so much for joining me today and please take a moment to leave Christy a little birthday message!

February 14, 2011

love/don't love

[1] My birthday/Valentine's weekend in Florida was absolutely perfect. Love.

[2] It was cold in Florida this weekend. Don't Love.
[3] Mom bought me my favorite flowers for Valentine's Day: Stargazer lilies and tulips! Love.

[4] I have a ridiculous amount of school work to do this week and I don't know how I'm going to get it all done. Don't Love. 
[5] The Pilot and I made impulse purchases this weekend and bought Vibram 5 Fingers! Love.

[6] I missed 2 runs last week and came in 10 miles shy of my weekly mileage goals. Don't Love.
[7] We're getting hints of spring time in New York this week! Love.
[8] I still haven't finished setting up my new apartment. School is taking over my life. Don't love.
[9] Tomorrow is my birthday! I asked one of my favorite bloggers to plan a special birthday post for me and it's wonderful and I can't wait for you all to see it! Love.

My birthday last year...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Have a wonderful week! 

February 10, 2011

three things thursday

1. Field Placement - After much heightened anticipation from my favorite marathon running professor (although now 3 of my professors are runners so I probably can't say that anymore), I have finally been matched with my field placement for my Applied Peacebuilding class and this summer I will be heading to the lush tropical forests and white beaches Central and Uva provinces of Sri Lanka! (Hopefully I'll get to see the forests and beaches at some point!) I am unbelievably excited for a plethora of reasons but mostly for the fact that because I'll be in Sri Lanka so I would be stupid to not go to India since, hi...they're neighbors, so my dream of going to India will become a reality and I'll be able to cross that off the list! I don't know my project specifics because well, I'll be designing a project over the course of the semester and then implementing it in country when I get there. How awesome is that?

2. NYC Half-Marathon Training - I do not feel like I am training for a half-marathon. I don't know what it is. I'm getting all of my runs in. I'm not strength or cross-training like I was when I started training but honestly, I'm still trying to figure out when I have time to make it to the gym. But I never cross-trained for the full marathon so if anything the extra workouts would  be adding on rather than taking away. I don't know what it is, I just don't feel like I'm in training mode. I'm running as if I'm in training mode but mentally I don't feel like I'm there. Have any of you ever felt like this? Like you just didn't feel like you were training? Is it that training has become second nature to me and something I do as easily as I brush my teeth or is it something else? Is this a bad thing? Does it mean I'm not mentally prepared for the race? Weigh in on this please!

3. Birthday - It's my birthday weekend! Well one of my birthday weekends at least...since my birthday falls in the middle of the week, I'm celebrating twice this year! This weekend in Florida with my honey (who is also celebrating his birthday weekend) and next weekend in DC with my crazy friends who I haven't seen in forever. I'm not the type to go crazy on my birthday, so please don't think that...I actually boycotted my birthday for about 6 years of my life, but then I got smart and realized that it's a really good way to see all of your friends at once so now I tend to celebrate! I'm ridiculously excited to go to Florida this weekend and get away from the cold(er) front that hit us this week and even more excited to see The Pilot and celebrate his birthday too! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

February 7, 2011

love/don't love

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

[1] I had a great weekend! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to not spend every waking minute locked in my room studying and to actually go out more and I've been pretty good about that this semester! One of my roommates from college came over and we went out and had a great night. Love.
[2] I am home sick today. Don't Love.
[3] Yesterday, it was kind of warm...by warm, I mean 45 degrees (sad that I consider that warm) and I went for a beautiful run along the Hudson. I don't think I've ever seen so many runners, not even in Central Park! It was amazing! Love.

[4] I found a hole in my brand new running jacket. By brand new, I mean I've run with it like 4 times. I don't know if it was there when I bought it and I just noticed it or what, but I'm super sad about it. Don't Love.
[5] I am going to Florida on Saturday! Love.
[6] Blogger isn't letting me upload any pictures today. Don't Love.
[7] I am anxiously awaiting an e-mail from my professor which will let me know my international field placement for the summer and I can't wait to find out and tell you all where it is! Love.

That's about it...Blogger won't let me upload any pictures and I'm not really feeling well so I'm going to back to sleep. I hope you all have a fantastic afternoon and a wonderful week!

February 1, 2011

January Recap

Good morning everyone! It is a gloomy day in New York City and we're expecting yet another major snowstorm tonight! Last night, I went for a run with my new running club again and it was wonderful! It was one of the best runs I've gone on in a long time! So, Happy February! I have a lot planned for this short month including 2 weekend getaways, a 4 mile race at the end of the month and a lot more of checking things off my list! But, you'll learn all about that as the month goes by won't you? For those of you who are new to 25 Before 25 (hi! and welcome!), each month I write up a recap of how I'm doing in terms of making progress on my list! That said, January was a great month. I spent most of it soaking up the sun in sunny Florida with The Pilot and then getting busy rushing back into the New York minute that is my life.

In January, I:
  • Started training for a 3rd half-marathon (which will definitely lead to a 2nd marathon!)
  • Started reading the Bible with a One Year through the Bible plan and have finished 2 (out of 66) books: Genesis and Exodus. 
  • Have continued to keep up with my blog and making new blog friends every day!
  • Started my second semester of my Master's program!
  • Read 2 new books off The Book List.
  • Watched 1 new movie off The Movie List.
  • Cooked 4 new recipes out of my Real Girls Eat.
  • Started watching Spanish telenovelas to practice my Spanish and gain more confidence in speaking it!
It was a very productive month and I'm excited for what February has in store! Have a great day everyone!
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